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The connected pocket scanner

Push all your papers in 1 clic to your mailbox, your dropbox or your computer



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Takeoff in 11 days on Indiegogo

Pup : pocket scanner 11 days left before taking off on Indiegogo Help us making Pup-Scan become real Hello, Pup Scan is the first connected and easy pocket scanner ever created. It allows to share in one clic, and without a computer, all your paper works,...
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A new scanner for DYS children

We already new “bar” and even “mouse” scanners, as described in the following article [1]. Those are not very handy but they at least were existing and they were the only ones to allow children with dyspraxia to be able to take a scanner...
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A DIY book scanner

If it does not exist, do it yourself ! A new project is born to scan your books by yourself. It is a wood table equiped with two cameras. It is driven by a Raspberry Pi board. Go check DIY Book Scanner : https://www.diybookscanner.org ! Over the years, a lot of...
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Created with love in Paris

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